Running a small businesses can be a bumpy ride. Owners face many challenges, and what has worked in the past, just may not work  anymore.

Entrepreneurs and managers may have worked in a particular way for years. While they become aware that if they want to move into the next stage of growth, their ways need to change. But the power of habit is strong and our default behaviours and comfort zones hold us captive. Time seems the most limiting factor –there are not enough hours in the day to do something ‘new’ in addition to everything else.

-"Hussein has helped us to identify the obstacles to change within our current business model and shown the team how to take ownership and support each other during this challenging period of adjustment."
Alistair Fleming - WoodWorks

A mentor is an outside resource who will help identify, manage and focus on what will bring about the right  change for the business to move to the next stage.

A mentor is a cost effective resource that can help at any stage in the business, to support the owners and managers to figure out where they want to be, and help them get there in a more reliable way and in a shorter time.

What is a mentor?

What is a mentor's role?

What are the  key benefits?