adrienne thomas

Adrienne has been working with voice for over twenty-five years. Her work with both individuals and groups aims to help people connect to a deeper and stronger place from which to begin to communicate effectively, honestly and openly with others.

She works with clients to help them connect, release and develop their natural voice, by exploring tone and timbre, power, depth and resonance. The processes involved in voice production are closely linked to our emotional health, and deep and perceptible changes can be experienced in a very short time.

Adrienne‘s work makes a valuable contribution to corporate training and team building initiatives, and she has worked with hundreds of individual clients and a wide variety of groups in educational, community and healthcare settings. She also works with actors and singers as well as helping to train individuals on presentation skills.

Adrienne’s ability to ‘tune in’ to what the voice is expressing from the unconscious is what makes her work unique. A talented singer and writer, she regularly performs the Berlin Caberet songs of Bretch and Weill, and with the band, IN BOB WE TRUST, which celebrates Bob Dyan’s music.